Create your own salad

Create Your Own Salad

The Lawn is all about serving you the preferred spread of fresh and crispy cold Salad Greens topped with piping hot juicy meats straight from the sizzling grill to your salad bowl. As our motto would go, we want you to Meat your Greens, just the way you want it!

Read more about our tantalizing grills below:


  1. Grilled Chicken breast with Maple infusion
  2. When served piping hot and fresh from our grill, its a little taste of heaven on a fork, we jest not.

  3. Char-grilled Chicken breast with Herbs infusion
  4. When something healthy tastes this good, you know that there's just got to be a catch to it... there is... Its called addiction.

  5. MOJO Cheeken
  6. We’re not too sure where Austin Powers refills his Mojo, but we know where you can get yours!! This latest grill is infused with nothing but a pure MOJO concoction of Italian herbs and Cumin powder! Groovy baby!!!

  7. Char-grilled Garlic Prawns
  8. Delicately bathed and seasoned in a Jacuzzi of our special concoction of herbs and juices, this house special is grilled to soft juicy perfection, with all the freshness sealed in as we only prepare this on the spot, just for you!

  9. Pacific Dory with Fresh Fruit Rub & Herbs
  10. You’re not gonna believe how addictive this is gonna be. You were warned. Fresh fruit juice, lemon zest, Italian Parsley, Kosher Salt, we’d go on with the long list of ingredients but we think your tastebuds would prefer to find out for themselves first hand! We are not responsible for subsequent unexplainable cravings afterwards.

  11. Butter Seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub
  12. A gorgeous, generous rub of Italian Parsley, Kosher salt and butter is gently teased and caressed into every flake of this delightful dory, you will be helplessly seduced by the savory flavors seared into the grill.

  13. Balsamico Fresh Asparagus & Eggplant
  14. Another marriage made in salad heaven if you ask us. For the veggie lovers who want a break from meat, you’re gonna love the simple but wonderful marinade of olive oil and Aceto Balsamico.

*Additional $2.00 for every portion of Grill.


  1. Worcestershire Black Pepper Duck +1
  2. Bursting with good old country flavors after being immersed in a pot of Worcestershire sauce, Fresh Black Pepper and Garlic, this duck cut definitely makes the cut, pun intended.

  3. Grilled Salsa Duck +1
  4. A Salsa Dancer is a sizzling hot package of sexy. We believe this succulent grill heavily dosed with the wholesomeness of Honey and Balsamic Vinegar will sizzle with nothing but sexy on your bowl of salad! We’ll have your tastebuds dancing in tune!!

  5. Aceto Balsamico Beef Cuts +2
  6. Long ago rich Italian families treasured Balsamic Vinegar so much that small vials were used for dowries. Well when you savour the exquisite tastes of our premium cuts, you’ll probably wanna marry us on the spot!

  7. Ben’s Beef Rub +2
  8. We stole this from Ben's kitchen for your taste buds' pleasure. Ben still doesn't know. At least, we hope so.

  9. Portobello Mushroom +1
  10. Romans called mushrooms "Food of the Gods", well they must have been telling the truth cos these are indeed grilled perfect pieces of Heaven.

*Additional $3.50 for every portion of Grill.

Perfected with a choice from our 8 home-made dressings.

  1. Red Island
  2. Ever wondered what love would taste like if it was a dish on the table? Wonder no more! Cool, creamy, rich and vibrant, it tastes of all the colours of Love and more!

  3. Honeyball
  4. Overheard in this very cafe: "Honey, if you were a salad dressing, then this would be you!"

  5. Perky Sesame Ginger
  6. Is it going to be THAT kind of day at work today? Well, we can help with that! Treat yourself to this great pick me up! So tantalizing, this will coax that beautiful smile right back onto your lips.

  7. Maple Peanut
  8. Remember how as a kid back in Mum's kitchen, peanut butter made every memory in there golden? We can't turn back time, but we sure gave it a good shot! Try this step back into memory lanes worth more than gold.

  9. Me So Spicy
  10. Word has it that if you put your ears close enough, you might actually hear the salad sizzle. Its that hawt!!

  11. Citrus Dressing
  12. Sugar, Spice and everything nice! We're not sure if we managed to squeeze everything nice in, but we certainly tried!!


  1. Manly Mango
  2. Red Bull gives you wings but our new Manly Mango dressing will bring out the MAN in you (women too), the wonderful sourness of triple vinegars in it are nicely tempered by the natural sweetness of fresh mangoes.

  3. Wasahonie
  4. Wassup? Wasabi? Honey? In a Pot? Presenting the all new Wasahonie dressing! All the kick softened slightly with honey and mayo, all in a pot! When sizzling hot grills are laid on it, we believe we would do Epicurous proud because this dressing packs that much pleasure in a bite!