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Soups & Sides


  • Bowl $3.90
  • Shot $1.00
Ask our friendly Salad Dressers for your Soup of the day:

  • Cream of Mushroom

    Try our healthy version of this all time favorite, there is neither butter nor oil in it, just lots and lots of fresh mushrooms, painstakingly boiled for hours to extract every delicious ounce of goodness and taste!!

  • Cream of Cauliflower Soup

    The Lawn's version of this classic with a healthy twist. We will convince you that something this healthy could taste this gooooooood!!

  • Pumpkin Soup

    We proudly bring you our version of this ageless Australian family favorite, packed with all the warm savory goodness of fresh Pumpkins.

  • Tomato Soup

    Think tomatoes are boring? We'll prove you wrong, our version packs so much zest and wholesome flavor, we'll have you coming back for more!!!

  • Seafood Soup

    Delicately seasoned, lovingly bisqued to perfection with fresh fish and prawns, our Seafood Soup will have you swooning for more!

Side Bites

Pair your soup with our assorted buns, available in Olive, Sundries tomato, Onion & multigrain flavors