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About Us

The Lawn Grill & Salad Café launched in November 2011 at Biopolis, is a brand new addition to the salad scene in Singapore. The Lawn caters to busy working professionals, students and anyone who wants a more delicious alternative to healthy food.

The idea for The Lawn came about after an exchange trip to the golden state of California, where we quickly realized that the Salad-eating trend has advanced and evolved beyond the conventional salad bars in Singapore now. Unlike conventional salad bars where cold, processed meat with run-of-the-mill dressings (we think that’s totally flat and boring) are served with your greens, Salad Cafes in California serves tantalizing premium Grills with unique and wacky dressings! Surely that will tease your tastebuds!

As the old adage goes, “What’s good for you is almost certainly not going to taste good”. The Lawn is on a mission to shatter this myth outright and put the “Oomph” back into all well deserving salads.

So for questing hungry tastebuds hunting for yummier & healthier options in the bustling city of Singapore, we proudly present to you, The Lawn.

The only Specialty Grill & Salad Café in Singapore where you get to fully customize your own Salad, pairing your favorite perky greens to your favorite premium grills, topped with the audacious teasing flavors of our unique dressings AND without a hefty bill to go along with it.

The Lawn’s beautiful and relaxing surroundings make it the perfect venue for department lunches, birthday celebrations and after-work hangout!

As we say it here at The Lawn, "Come Meat your Greens", just the way you want it!

Imagine a warm cosy enclave amidst the lush greenery of trees giving the comfort of their gentle shade,

Imagine the loving embrace of a perpetual breeze, relaxing your tired mind,

Imagine water trickling gently, from beautiful water features,

Imagine leaning back over a cup of warm glorious coffee and allowing this serenity to heal and recharge you,

No need to imagine anymore, we are real!

Conveniently located 10 minutes walk from Bouna Vista MRT Station, plopped right at the very epi center of Biopolis, serving you with healthy food every bit as wonderful as the ambience here, is The Lawn.

We guarantee you, be it a lazy breakfast, rush hour lunch or even a cosy dinner with friends, we are a real treat for your hungry tummy and a feast for your eyes and senses from the gorgeous surroundings.

We're not just a place to have great food, we're here to tease that playful smile back into you no matter how rainy or sunny your day is.

Great food, the company of great friends, great scenery, great service staff, heck, words don't do us justice, so come take a look for yourself, only at The Lawn.